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VITUS Fabric Plasters are manufactured from a high quality woven material that is breathable and provides a protective barrier against germs. The medically treated sterilised wound pad assists in healing, while protecting against infection. Our range of plasters caters for all your needs, from the classic design to our assorted box; you will find the dressing that you need. Our extra-large plasters and fabric strapping help to cover wounds that need that little bit of extra care - while our silver-lined antibacterial plasters offer supreme wound protection.

Fabric Plasters - Knuckle & Fingertip Plasters
Fabric Plasters - Knuckle & Fingertip Plasters
Fabric Plasters - Strapping Plaster
Fabric Plasters - Classic Plaster
Fabric Plasters - Assorted Plasters
Fabric Plasters - Strip Plaster
Fabric Plasters - Antibacterial Fabric Plasters
Fabric Plasters - Large Plasters